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FAMUSCLE <FAMUSCLE>Failure Diagnosis and Remedy

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< Failure Diagnosis and Remedy >



 The product doesn’t work properly.

▶ Check if the power button was pressed well.

Charge this device according to the instruction manual.

While charging the main body, check the display icon showing battery conditions


It is not powered on.  

The battery is discharged. Charge the battery.

Connect the charging adaptor to the power supply unit.

Check if the charger works properly.

Check if the voltage indicated in this product corresponds to the local main voltage.


Press the power button long for two seconds.

Use in the low and high temperature environment.
    ☞ The recommended temperature for this product is 15~35℃.  

 I can’t feel current stimulation.

Press the power button long for two seconds.

Apply the cream evenly on desired parts where this product will be used.

Apply the head close to the skin.

The attached head is contaminated with foreign substances or dust.
    ☞ Clean the head carefully according to ‘’Management Method’’ on page 14 of the instruction manual


Current stimulation is weak.

Intensity is set at low.

    ☞ Press the ‘+‘ button to raise the level. 

Current stimulation is strong.

Intensity is set at high.

    ☞ Press the ‘-‘ button to decrease the level.  

 Current stimulation stops suddenly.


There is no residual battery.

☞ Put the main body on the cradle to charge the battery.


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